About Me

Dear Reader,


In an effort to not sound insincere, it’s important to understand that since an early age I have devoted my life and mind to the remarkable world of the arts. With no formal arts education but an un-moveable belief in my own artistic vision, it has been a journey that has taken my art and myself to places as far away as museums in Peru and Paris, France. With only a great understanding of what it means to be blessed, I can say that that when I was young I sometimes thought if you told too much of your vision perhaps it would be scared away, never to return again. So I’ll simply say that my art is absolutely from the heart and created just for you “the viewer”. - Patrick Medrano



A multidisciplinary artist born in 1973 cultivated his natural and intuitive artistic talents in Victoria, Texas. His work reflects a, “Whimsical Darkness” to the world around and entices the viewer to seek a deeper meaning. Exhibited around the world in places such as Paris, Peru, Istanbul and Greece. “I’m happiest when I exist in all disciplines of fine art .Sculpting, painting, music, film, functional art are all tools for the imagination". Medrano’s collaborative work has also flourished, simply known as “ANDERSON + MEDRANO"

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